Welcome to the Big Red Fridge.

The Big Red Fridge started as an E-bay store back in 1999 – specializing in collectible items like Barton’s Creek Bears and specialty Salt and Pepper Shakers.  I never let go of the domain as I had so many ideas for what I wanted to build as an online store.

Now 22 years (Almost 23) I am logging into the Big Red Fridge with a different frame of mind.

So much has happened in that 22 years … almost 23 and I am using the Fridge to spill it all.

Look forward to ramblings from the scrambled mind I have.

Look for opportunities that I tried and failed at, or tried and succeeded with.

I will share the good bad and the ugly … and please know at times there will be ads. Annoying ads, but they are to help support me to keep going on my online journey.  But there will also be tons of other content too… a discovery of sorts about all the goodies in that Big Red Fridge!

I hope you will join me! We will discover together if all those “claims” are really something and what it has been like for navigating the world through my eyes for the last so many years.

And so much more.