Getting Online

It’s easy! There are lots of free places to do blogs and vlogs and other sorts of sites, but you are always limited to their own templates and have limited functionality, sometimes it is just better to get your own domain and host.

You can get a cheap domain here – just search the site name you want and the extension and then you can register right away ! You can utilize their hosting services too … or you can get a host for $49 Canadian PER YEAR… here.

Getting a good name is half the battle. You want easy to remember, easy to spell and catchy. Unlike Big Red Fridge, does it fit with what your site is about?

You want a distinct name, a fun name, and sometimes even commonly misspelled names can lead people to you who didn’t know they needed to find you.

Namespro is my go to for domains, I love their support and consistent low pricing, they offer great deals and referrals!

Coast Internet offers hosting for $49/year with built in WordPress… how much cheaper can you get than that. It’s easy to start, and affordable. Seriously so easy!