Anonymous Story Time

I spend a lot of time online and I noticed that people are just ruthless. All the darn time. They share their stories and their experiences and then they get ripped to shreds in comments about how they should have known better, could have done better, it was their fault, it’s their parents fault, they made this decision that triggered that reaction and on and on and on.

Then I found TIK TOK – and I got immersed in the “STORY TIME” culture and so many of the stories are anonymous so no amount of bashing matters to any one because no one knows who’s story is being told. It’s great. Feeds the gossip junkies minds and gives the original story teller a perspective without judgement or direct harassment – no one knows it’s them!

I have an anonymous story that was shared with me.

The Story goes like this. Girl starts job, girl meets boy, boy turns out to be boss, both are married, both say their marriage is over but they still live with them because it is easier and cheaper. Two start chatting, keeping it distant and then it evolves, soon they fall in love and they are travelling all over the world. She is actively trying to get her marriage to end and believes that boy is too. Suddenly the marriage is abruptly ending, and the world is colliding and all the things that they knew one day would come to head were now at a head. Boy continued as if nothing had changed and girl was all over the place, sad, angry upset, in need of help and begging for boy to step up a bit, after two years it seemed a good time. Boy didn’t clue in and girl ended up moving forward divorced and sort of in limbo of the relationship she had been in with boy for the last two years. Finally after a while girl forces ultimatum on the boy and demands he tell his wife everything and to get his divorce. He tells wife everything and is still living in the house with her claiming that they are getting divorced but is now withholding from girl any affection or attention and is constantly starting fights. Girl is ready to give up and boy is begging her not too but still unwilling to do anything more than what he is doing, demanding some understanding, even though he had none when girl was in the same place.

So say readers.. what does girl do?