True Crime Junkie .. literally

I am obsessed with true crime stories, up until very recently I was hyper focused on the Chris Watts Case; a tragic story of a seemingly normal family that ended in murder of the wife and two beautiful little girls and unborn son. You hear about them everywhere and you cannot help but feel anger and sadness for the story.

The case that has gripped me now is Gabby Petito. Don’t come at me too hard but I have to say these cases in Florida (like Casey Anthony) just hit me hard and totally the wrong way!

How is it that in both those cases the family allegedly has family associated to Law Enforcement and both just seem to escape accountability. .. ANYWAYS … that is for another post another time.

Right now the heartbreaking news of her being found and her fiance being missing is so much to wrap my head around.

Then the discovery of the footage that shows the van in Teton National Park; both their shoes present, the van door closing and her body being found near there a few days after this video was released. Watching the body cam footage of their incident earlier in the month after a 911 call reported him slapping Gabby…. I just cannot stomache that he sat there laughing with the officer and making jokes at Gabby’s expense only to a few weeks later allegedly murder her.

When I learned he had flown home from the August 13 – 24 I was surprised… things had obviously escalated… and that makes things so much more curious now… I have so much more to dive into

BUT where is BRIAN? My heart breaks with this one as my oldest daughter is 22. She has travelled the world and the thought that she ever ended up in a situation like this kills me… what as a parent can I do to prepare her or me for this?

More to come … as I discover all the little pieces and share them with you for discussion.